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Mining is our business

Headquartered in Germany, Fleurs International GmbH is a natural resources company engaged in the mining business focused on the development of resource rich assets.

Fleurs takes the advantage of deep knowledge of the business operations and its markets. The entrepreneurial experience of the company leads into new markets, for instance, Brazil in 2012, where it has been partnering, joint venturing and acquiring companies dealing on the mining sector to ensure growth and diversification.

Our strategy

Fleurs prospects and engages preferably in early stage projects allowing a methodic and controlled development of the mine in each stage of the process. Additionally, the company steadily seeks partnerships to jointly finance the growth the business (especially plant & machinery) offering attractive investment opportunities to qualified investors.


Finding the right asset is crucial. The all-around Cinergy is a must (political stability, legal framework, infrastructure, safety/security, and so on). But the one major key point that will determine the success of a mining endeavor is the certainty of securing a resource rich asset!


Exploration is the art of searching, sampling and analyzing the ore and determining the size and structure of the deposit, in other words defining it and generating a feasibility report.


In this stage of a mining life cycle the mine will be planned and build after granting all permits. Not only deciding over processing capacity but also supportive infrastructure for logistical and operational needs is demanded.


The extraction of the ore! Once in operation, the mining activity is a synonymous of profitability.


Cleaning it up! The mining closure is a process of redevelopment of the land to a more natural state.

Fleurs Values

Brazil has the required stability and offers a proper legal framework allowing first hand and direct investment in mining. Research & development ensure the supply chain control and consequently the delivery of qualitative goods. Efficient but also sustainable operations are aimed throughout Fleurs portfolio. Therefore, besides of a direct contribution to the development of communities & people, the company vision is to ensure environmentally friendly operations actively contributing to revitalize rivers and degraded areas.

News & Updates

Gold as a raw material – “a normal entrepreneurial commitment”

The price of gold is rising and rising. In turbulent times, the – supposedly – safe harbor is again visited by many investors. Dr. Marcelo Wesseling provides for supplies: he operates mines and explores.

Without new gold, demand will cause the price to rise even further. But where does the gold actually come from and how can the supply be secured? Dr. Marcelo Wesseling can answer these and other questions about the “raw material gold”. He is CEO of Fleurs International GmbH in Kaiserslautern, a company that preferably operates mines and seeks exploration in Brazil. Marcelo Wesseling has German and Brazilian citizenship, holds a doctorate from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and completed his MBA at WHU, Otto-Beisheim School of Management.

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